Football Quest International,Inc.
PO Box 130391
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48133-0391
The United States of America
Telephone : (734) 929-4325
Football Quest International,Inc. Corporate Attorney:
Maria Zagorski,J.D.
2 East First Street,Suite 207
Monroe,Michigan 48161
Telephone: (734) 457-2112
Fax: (734) 457-6646
The United States of America
Football Quest International, Inc. Corporate Officers :
John Sheridan Koernke,B.S.
1990 Graduate of Eastern Michigan University
Member of the American Football Coaches Association
Member of the American College of Sports Medicine
Mark Perry,B.S.
Executive Vice President
Graduate of Arizona State University- 1980s
Since 1997 Football Quest International,Inc. has been consulting football teams in the USA, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. We work to improve football team performance. We can improve your football team.
We Offer :
1. Offensive Consultations
2. Defensive Consultations
3. Special Teams Consultations
4. Football Drills - Designed to enhance the fundamental skills of every position.
5. Offensive Plays
6. Defenses
7. Player and Team Scouting
8. Game Video Analysis
9. Game Plan Assistance
10. Strength and Conditioning Programs
11. Football Player Training Program
We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us at (734) 929-4325 or E-Mail us :
We can send you complete biographies of our entire professional staff.